Ashlar TBC%

Hoppy, chocolate, dark

A dark red, hoppy beer brewed exclusively for a select few North Staffordshire and South Cheshire J D Wetherspoon Free Houses. A rich base of Chocolate and Crystal malts salutes grapefruit, pine and citrus hop notes. Full flavoured beer with a delicate floral bouquet.
Key words
Dark Rich Chocolate Hoppy Full-flavoured Exclusive

Our permanent cask ales are always available

Ein Stein 1

Ein Stein


Blonde continental style bitter

Stone Cutter 3

Stone Cutter


Pale and floral sessional summer bitter

Stone Faced 5

Stone Faced


Traditional orange-red hoppy bitter

Foundation Stone 7

Foundation Stone


Smooth and mellow IPA

Stone the Crows 9

Stone the Crows


Rich ruby-red malty strong ale