Our brewer Ian, known to everyone as Brad, has been in the brewing industry for over 25 years, and over the last 3 years has been training his daughter Sarah to brew too. Wife, Viv and son Harry manage the two brewery taps, with Dave on the sales, and Steve and Peter on deliveries. The brewery has a 10 bbl plant producing on average 8,600 pints per week or ½ million pints per year.

Formed in 2008 by Ian Bradford the Lymestone Brewery has brought brewing back to Stone.

The Lymestone Brewery is based in an historic building on the edge of Stone, a small but ancient town in Staffordshire. Stone had a long tradition of producing beer with two breweries in the town until the 1960s when as with lots of smaller breweries they were taken over by the bigger mass producing companies.

The building fell into disrepair and was a empty shell when viewed by Ian. Roll on 10 years and the Lymestone Brewery has become a thriving business and part of the very fabric of Stone.

Every beer produced has Stone in the title to celebrate where we are from and what we represent. The Lymestone Brewery is proud to be bringing Brewing back to Stone

We're proud of our awards and accreditations

Our permanent cask ales are always available

Ein Stein 1

Ein Stein


Blonde continental style bitter

Stone Cutter 3

Stone Cutter


Pale and floral sessional summer bitter

Foundation Stone 5

Foundation Stone


Smooth and mellow IPA

Stone Faced 7

Stone Faced


Traditional orange-red hoppy bitter

Stone the Crows 9

Stone the Crows


Rich ruby-red malty strong ale

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