Seasonal cask beers

Our seasonal cask beers

cobble stone

resting....... COBBLE STONE

4.2% ABV
Hugely hoppy. Maris Otter malts fill the mouth with crisp biscuit flavours until the hops arrive. Then, a train load of citrus zest enters your mouth courtesy of Summit hops from the US of A. Bitter pink grapefruit yields to oranges and cracked black pepper, leaving the mouth dry with a hoppy aftertaste. Did I mention the hops?
Stine cold

stone cold

4.7% ABV
This copper-coloured cracker will bring happiness to one and all, whether giving or receiving. Roasted Maris Otter malts embrace Nugget and Fuggles hops to slay your thirst.

Available December 2017
Waterstone wheat

resting..... waterstone wheat

4.5% ABV
Pale crisp and clear. Initial watermelon sweetness yields to deepening waves of hoppy bitterness. Serve cool to cold.

Available in bottle

Sharon stone

resting...... sharon stone

4.0% ABV
This cheeky little 4% ABV has been produced at the request of one of our customers who is celebrating a birthday in May! An orange/red bitter this is as usual a hoppy brew - with dry hops in the cask!

Standing stones

standing stones

4.9% abv ABV
Standing Stones is Lymestone Brewery's June ale, and has been produced with the warm summer days and evenings in the wonderful British Countryside and the longest day of Summer Solstice to mind. This pale golden beer uses Maris Otter Malts and English hops to provide a balanced light summer ale. Just the thing to while away those long summer evenings! Is this crisp, golden hoppy beer a monument to a bygone age or yet another timeless classic ale from the Lymestone brewer? Only English ingredients of course!

Available in June 2017
abdominal stoneman

abdominal stoneman

7% ABV
This is a huge beer by anyone's standards!
Abdominal Stoneman 7% is not for the fainthearted!
Three powerful US hops dominate this monster of an American Pale Ale. From its crisp Maris Otter base to its massive hoppy finish this is a beer that will have you on the edge of your seat!
Typical of its name...this beer will appear throughout 2017

Heart of Stone

 4.4% ABV
Sophisticated, full bodied and eager to please, this divine ale may tempt you to stay a while longer.  Crystal malts and Cascade hops entwine
Available throughout February 2017



4.2% ABV
This is a Maouri welcome in a glass. New Zealand's finest Mouteka hops assault your taste buds in a startling array of sweet Polynesian fruit flavours. Very pale, crisp and hoppy.
Available March 2017

Flag stone


4.2% ABV
This has been our seasonal ale for April - ideal to celebrate St Georges Day in style. At 4.2% abv, and a red/orange colour this hoppy ale is ideal to toast England and St George.

Available in April 2017
Stonefish mild

RESTING - stonefish mild

4.4% ABV
Sweet and sophisticated, this traditionally malted Golden Mild ticks all the right boxes. Lightly hopped to complement Warminster Maltings Mild Ale Malt.

Stonewall penalty

resting - stonewall penalty

4.6% ABV
Not known for his silky skills, the Lymestone brewer dives in with this crunching tackle of an IPA. The world’s best hops have been selected to play with pale English malts. Tanned and very hoppy, this winning formation is guaranteed to be in the next round.


4.2% ABV
After a long hard day in the saddle, unwind at your local watering hole with the Chaps. Amarillo hops refresh and revive the palate. With more than a hints of red eye about it, this is definitely one for the road (eo)
Available in July 2017
The name Lymestone Cowboy ®  is a registered trademark for Lymestone Brewery
Seven stone walking


4.7% ABV
A 4.7% abv copper coloured beer.
Lightly tanned with a perfect body; whether you won the girl, lost the girl or ARE the girl this is the beer for you. Nugget and Hersbrucker hops flex their muscles.
stone brood


4.4% ABV
Up on the roof of the Lymestone Brewery, the Lymestone bees have been busy making the sweetest honey from local fields and gardens. Literally stung into action, Brad the Brewer has created this rich, dark beer from the Lymestone bees' honey and the finest chocolate malt. Velvety chocolate gives way to a balanced bittersweet finish. Easy drinking and very moreish. 

Available August 2017 and in bottle throughout the year
stone age

RESTING - stone age

4.2% ABV
Stone Age is a glorious golden beer produced for our 5th Birthday! Crystal malt richness and cascade hops... delicious. 
Stone dead

stone dead

6.66% ABV
Another fantastic seasonal award-winning beer from Lymestone Brewery. You can count on this rich, dark, imperial stout having enough bite for anyone looking to satisfy their thirst. Coffee, burnt toast and bitter fruits dominate whilst Styrian Goldings slowly seduce the palate. SIBA Silver Award winner in 2011, this beer continues to surprise all who try it with its balanced flavours and amazing colour. 
Only available during the month of October 2017 in cask ale. Please get your orders in quick as it will disappear in no time! 
In bottle throughout the year


To keep the dark winter nights at bay, the Lymestone Brewer keeps his Nose to the Grindstone. This latest concoction is simply bursting with rich crystal malt and Cascade hops. Copper coloured creativity.

Pudding Stone

4.8% ABV
Having worked hard all year, the Lymestone Brewer is about to get his just desserts. Dark red and citrusy this hand crafted fine ale uses only the finest malt and hops. Join the party and make merry, this ones a cracker..

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