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Meet the team at Lymestone Brewery



Brad is the Head Brewer and Director of the business. He is always on hand to carry out the brewing and is the chief designer of the recipes and marketing. When you book for a brewery tour he is always present and attends as many 'Meet the Brewer' events as he can. Brewing is his passion and this always shines through!


Sarah is learning how to brew with her dad! Joining the family business and already planning her own range of cask ales and Stones first lager! Here she is winning gold at a recent competition!


Viv is based in the office and does sales, marketing, and accounts. Viv is also the 3rd delivery driver as and when required. With a background in partnership working and project management, Viv is the one who tries to bring things together... well that is the plan anyway!!


David is one of our delivery drivers, but spends more time  in the office now, as he is also in charge of sales. After spending Monday on the phone to all of our fantastic customers he is then out and about in the van taking the beer in cask or bottles to a range of permanent and one-off accounts in a 50 mile radius of Stone.
John cameron

john cameron

John is our pub manager and joined us in 2012. He has had a range of retail experience including running other pubs and working in the hospitality trade. He looks after the management of the Lymestone Vaults as well as the Borehole.


Steve is one of our drayman at Lymestone. He is usually out and about in one of the brewery vans, or can be found at work in the brewery. Steve is excellent support in the brewery and knows how to fix most things!
Lymestone bees

the lymestone bees

The Lymestone Brewery bees live on the roof in six purpose-built hives. Around 50,000 bees live in each hive during the summer and they all work very hard, as busy as bees, actually. They have produced a fantastic harvest of honey this year, some of which will go into our Award-winning Stone Brood beer and some will be for sale - look out for the honey in the brewery, the Lymestone Vaults or on Viv's market stall.


This is Sparky our new Springer Spaniel. In keeping with her breed she is totally bonkers and seems to think that she is currently a crocodile! All teeth and no compassion. I have no doubt that this will change as she gets used to seeing the staff and the brewery visitors. If you are passing feel free to call in... but be prepared to play or be bitten!


 Pete is our newest member of the team. He is our Drayman and is as passionate about real ales as the rest of us! He fits in very well with the Lymestone team

Now you know all about our team, why not come and visit us or give us a call for more information about Lymestone Brewery and our ales?

Call: 01785 817 796
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